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Mieke van den Heuvel – Wink (A1/A2 and A2+) BureauHW, owner and teacher Dutch

After many years in primary education I started teaching Dutch to adults. In the past ten years I have taught Dutch as a second language at various educational institutions. I am delighted to have the opportunity to teach people a
new language, so that they are more confident in a new world.

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Fros van der Maden (B1 and B2) Owner Edutekst, educational author & teacher of Dutch at the International School

For many years I have been teaching Dutch as a second as well as a mother tongue language in various settings, of which the last ten years were at the International School Groningen and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
Language teaching is my passion. I have always combined my work in the classroom with writing text books for students: for adults as well as for teenagers. Learning a language should be an experience you enjoy and my methods reflect
this view. In my course students are challenged to really use the language by means of lots of varied interactive exercises. ​

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Joke Fenenga (B1 and B1+/B2+) Teacher of Dutch as a second language & trainer intercultural communication

Thirty years ago I gave my first Dutch lesson as a second language. It was love at first sight. Since then I have enjoyed teaching at various schools. These last years I also taught PhD Candidates at the Graduate School of Science
and Engineering. The strength of my teaching lies in the varied and interactive ways I use to stimulate communication in class. In a pleasant atmosphere I help the students to work on their own goals. I am looking forward to working
with you! ​

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